In 2004, Torture was originally created while attending FIDM Los Angeles. 

Who I Am:  A clad in black woman with an insatiable love for fashion, Death, all things Goth and macabre, splattered in blood, speckled in sparkle and music, blend it together, and that is Me.  And a lot of HORROR.  Also- tea and Skittles.  They are my favorite.

The Torture:  Most of the items are handmade and designed in-haus.  Sometimes in the middle of the night, while binge-watching horror films and tv shows.  I want to create things that excite you to wear them - makes you wanna slay your enemies and paint with their blood.  I want you to be inspired to put together the most bitchin outfit every day and wear your Torture proudly as you conquer not only the trivial, but the stepping stones of your dark baby bat life.  I want you to be Original.  Be a part of the #TorturedArmy.  Show me what you're made of.  Be the Wolf.  The Howl.  Be Yourself.