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NEW Sourpuss Ghoul Trouble Pins & CREEPY Bat Berets!


RIGHT NOW we have 15% OFF EVERYTHING to make space for our new items for Winter/Spring!
You have a few days left to do so!
Check our COUNTDOWN banner on our site!
eBay FIEND?  Check out our eBay closet auctions, as well as some Torture Couture items you can BUY NOW along with some of our personal clothing items!  Valfre', Betty & Veronica, Lip Service, Disturbia, and more will be added WEEKLY!
Seller ID: vixen_girL
Want us to write about something? 
DO YOU have something you wanna write about and want us to post it?
This is a safe space for all the baby ghouls and elder Goths, space children, moon babes, Lolitas, baby BATS, 90s Vixens, VAMPS - 
Whoever you are, we got you!
I can't tell you how proud I am of all of you #TorturedArmy and how beautiful you are inside and out - you are the FUTURE!
I've met so many of you amazing people during our journey as TORTURE,
at conventions, events, fashion shows, so many places, and you are all so unique, I am so lucky to have met so many of you, and call many of you my friends! 
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