OMFG!  We'll be at MAD MONSTER this year!  AGAIN.

You know... I'm not one to leave my dark cave of creativity, to venture out into the 100 degree hot sun.  BUT- I do love a good SCARE.  And I wouldn't deprive myself of your beautiful fkn SCREAMS!@#$%

I.  Absolutely.  LOVE.  My.  Arizona.  Buddies.  I miss you all!!!!!

Once again- join Me and my fraands, ModifiedMinds, Antimity Films, and so many other talented creatures, omfg@#$%

If there's anything you'd like us to bring or you would like to pre-order anything prior and pick up in person, you CAN!  AND you can message me and demand I make a specific thing :-)

-Stabby HugZ,

Torture Ghoul